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If you think that church is boring and irrelevant, think again. Messy Church is church with a difference. The emphasis of Messy Church is about learning about God in a fun and creative way, and about families enjoying quality time together. For more information about the sort of things that we do at Messy Church please click on this link: 'PREVIOUS MESSY CHURCHES' below.

Each month there are activities based around a particular theme, where people of all ages are encouraged to come and be involved, or sit and relax with a cup of tea or coffee. It doesn't matter if you have been to church before or not, everyone is welcome at
Messy Church.

For more information about Messy Church please contact Simon on 01922 611909 or email us HERE.

The first Messy Church took place at St Martin's Church on Sunday May 21st 2006, but it wasn't called Messy Church, it was called 'The Net'. 

The reason we started 'The Net', was that we wanted to launch a service at St Martin's, which would appeal to families who may not normally come to church, but who were interested in looking for ways to explore faith.  

We changed the name of 'The Net' to Messy Church at the beginning of 2009, simply because we felt it was a better name, although the winning format of what had made 'The Net' so successful, hasn't changed.


There is a group of volunteers from St Martin's Church, who organise and help run each Messy Church

We take the safety and well being of all who come to Messy Church very seriously, and so all our volunteers are CRB checked.


Messy Church takes place on the first and third Sunday of every month (except August).


Messy Morning is on the first Sunday of the month.  At 9.30am we start with Tea and Toast, and then at 10am Messy Church in the Morning takes place in the church hall.  Adults have the option of either staying with their children in the hall or joining the congregation in the church for a service of communion.  Those attending Messy Church in the hall, then join the congregation in church for the last ten minutes of the service.


Messy Church in the Afternoon takes place on the third Sunday of the month from 4pm to 5pm. 


Christmas 2012

Creating a new Christmas display, as the Christmas Story is retolled.

Messy Easter

At Messy Easter we thought about the story of Easter, and created a new poster for the hall.


Our first Messy Church of 2011 focused on the Old Testament story of Samson, who helped rescue God's people from their enemies the Philistines.  Although Samson made lots of mistakes in his life, the story was a reminder that we can all be used by God.

We had a lot of fun testing how strong we are, and making face masks, before renacting the story of Samson.  

In the picture - Samson taking on a lion! 
The story of the prodigal or lost son, is one of Jesus' best known stories.  It is a story of how we often stray from God, but also how as our Father, God never stops loving us.  

The older children did a modern retelling of the story of the prodigal son, which you can see by clicking on the link HERE 

The activities during the session were all based around the story of the prodigal son - download a copy of our programme on the link below.

Treasure Island

For our Treasure Island Messy Church, we came dressed as pirates, and made pirate costumes.  Every pirate needs a boat, but even the bravest pirate can get scared in a storm.  So in the church we made a boat, and told the story of how Jesus calmed the storm on the Sea of Galilee, and how Jesus can bring peace to our lives.

Messy Church Christmas Party 2009

We had a very fun and rather unusual Messy Church Christmas Party in December.  We did a nativity from scratch (acting out the story of the birth of Jesus). 

Because many of the children had come in fancy dress, the nativity scene was somewhat different from usual (can you spot Superman at the back of the nativity scene!). A lot of fun was had by everyone!

We then played some party games, before sharing food together. 

Mission Impossible

In September 2009 the theme of Messy Church was 'Mission Impossible'.  We focused on the Old Testament story of Gideon, who was asked by God to do a seemingly impossible mission, taking on the massive Midianite army that vastly outnumbered Israel.
Despite the odds facing Gideon & Israel, with God's help he was able to defeat the Midianites, with only 300 men.

In the photo - making balloon swords, for the renactment of the story of Gideon

Musical Messy Church

A special 'musical' Messy Church.  

Picnic in the Park

In July Messy Church went to Sutton Park. Despite the threat of rain, the weather remained fine, and we enjoyed a picnic and games in the park.  

The HUGE Messy Church

2010 is a special year for St Martin's which is celebrating it's Golden Jubilee.  Throughout the year a series of special events was organised to mark this important anniversary, including a 'HUGE' Messy Church in September.

We had over 80+ people attend our Messy Church, and focused on the theme of celebration, looking at the story of the 'Great Banquet' from the Gospel of Luke (Luk 14:15-24), which we re-enacted.  We then had great fun getting ready for a celebration at the end of Messy Church, finishing with a BBQ. 

In the photo - people sitting down to enjoy food at the end of Messy Church

The Wedding at Cana in Galilee

In February 2010 we looked at the story of the how Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding in Cana of Galilee (Jesus' first miracle).  We re-enacted the story, although unfortunately are attempts to turn water into wine were not as successful as Jesus'! 
We thought about the important message of how God can take ordinary people like us, and change us to do extraordinary things. 

Photo - Chris & Sue kindly took on the role of the bride & groom in our retelling of the story


In October 2009 we focused on the story of Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10).  An unpopular man in his own town because he stole from them, Zacchaeus had a life changing encounter with Jesus, which impacted the whole community. 

In the picture - Zachaeus in the tree


1 Messy Church in the Morning

Messy Church in the morning starts at 9.30am with Tea & Toast and then at 10am Messy Church meets in the hall.

Messy Church in the morning will be taking place on the following dates:

Sunday 3rd November 2013
Sunday 1st December 2013
Sunday 5th January 2014
Sunday 2nd February 2014

2 Messy Church in the Afternoon

Messy Church in the Afternoon meets at 4pm on the third Sunday of every month:

Sunday 17th November 2013
Sunday 15th December 2013
Sunday 19th January 2014
Sunday 16th February 2014
Sunday 16th March 2014
St Martin's Church
Sutton Road


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